Keeping Indoor Lilies Alive

Indoor lilies are ideal for any home that have restricted spaces. This is because it gives the home a nature feel to it and will also help the people living inside the house to get fresher and cleaner air to breathe.

For first timers, the best way to go about in keeping indoor lilies is to conduct a research about it. The information you will get will definitely help you from committing mistakes in buying varieties and also in the proper way to take care of it.

Other means of acquiring information on indoor lilies will also include reading agriculture and gardening books and magazines as well as surfing the Internet for web sites that contain information about it.

How to keep indoor lilies thrive

One of the most ideal solutions for people who love growing lilies but encountering problems due to natural elements such as climate and space restrictions is keeping them indoor.

If you are having thoughts on how to start growing lilies indoors, you should focus first on selecting the right variety. The most popular types of lilies are Asiatic and Oriental. Asiatic varieties and its small species are commonly preferred for indoors because these are easy to maintain and can grow even in limited living conditions. There are also Oriental varieties that can be kept indoors and are perfect as accent pieces but they need more pruning and maintenance.

Since you are keeping lilies indoor, there are limitations to the variety that can be planted. You cannot just plant any lily variety you want because chances are, these will not grow properly. Make sure that you first assess the natural conditions of the site before choosing the lily variety you wish to grow. Also, ensure that you donít buy a large quantity of lilies because there is no guarantee that you can grow them all.

You should also focus on soil selection since this serves as the lifeline of the lilies. Since soil is the main source of nutrients indoor plants need, make sure that you know which type of soil you should use. Experts say that soil selection is very important aspect in maintaining indoor lilies because this will determine the success and failure of your project.

Another major factor that affects the life of indoor lilies is the container and the process of repotting it. First time gardeners should be aware that growing indoor lilies need repotting every now and then because its roots already filled up the space of the original pot. Crucial to repotting is the type of containers to be used. Since repotting is inevitable, you should know what kind of pot to use and how to take care of that pot. In looking for the right pot, make that it would be large enough to provide space for the roots.

It should also have sufficient room above the plant line for proper watering. Also make sure that the pot provides bottom or side drainage. Types of ideal containers for indoor lilies can vary from ceramics, plastic, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, copper, brass, and others.

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